Our Mission

Train the next generation in using data for development in underserved communities.

Build demand and capacity for data use  in social impact organizations.

Connect those trained on data use with the growing market for their skills.


Our Vision

A world where data analytics drives development. 


A next generation of empowered data to insight specialists or, what we’d like to call, a next generation of John Snows.


Who was John Snow?
John Snow was an English physician in the 1800s commonly known as a founder of epidemiology. He is best known for his use of a point-based mapping system to track and minimize the English cholera epidemic by connecting it to a specific water source. His use of data to solve a public health crisis is a driving force behind DE’s purpose.

Our Team (click on photo to view bio)


Prem Durairaj, MS-MBA

Head of Business Strategy and Operations; Co-Founder

Xan Paxton, MSPH

Head of Data Insights

Rob Segan, MPH, MBA

Head of Technical Direction;



DE Advisory Board

Dr. Monita Baba-Djara

Program Director,

Global Health MPH

Loma Linda University

Dr. Joyce Malyn-Smith

Director of Strategic Initiatives in Workforce and Human Development 


Darlene Irby

Director of Digital Health and Health Information


Dr. Jonathan Schwabish

Data Visualization Specialist 

PolicyViz / Urban Institute

Bobby Jefferson

Chief Technology Officer

DAI Global Health

Dr. James Wolff, MD

Assoc. Professor

BU School of Public Health


Our Story

Rob and Prem met at Boston University’s Questrom School of Management in 2009. Having diverse backgrounds, they connected on their passion for development (both domestic and international), social impact, and how data could be used to benefit under served populations. Later on, they worked together in DC at Palladium, an international development government contractor, where they won more than $1B in contracts and grants for the business.

Having longstanding interests in utilizing data analytics to improve on development, Rob and Prem began their journey with Data Elevates in 2020.



Tel: 951-295-7507

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