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Our Services


DE works with public and private organizations around the world to build professional capacities in data literacy, analysis, and visualization.


Our team builds training programs for:

  1. Underserved populations looking to build skills for employment and career growth; and

  2. Organizations looking to build capacity within their staff for using data in decision making.

Our educational activities are interactive, context specific, and most importantly, demand-driven.

Typing on a Computer

DE uses data science and analytics to uncover insights, design data visualizations, and promote efficient development both in US-based and global programs. DE provides this support both through funded projects and organizational consulting engagements. While our work is cross-cutting, areas of expertise include global health, economic growth, and food security.

True to our mission, organizational capacity building is embedded within all of our consulting efforts, particularly through our Rapid Data Maturity Assessment (RDMA) process and accompanying activities.


DE builds sustainable cultures of data use through competition-based events (e.g., hackathons), along with facilitated data community and workforce networks. Community building is a valuable pillar of our work because in many underserved communities, there is not only an issue of developing a data skilled workforce, but also connecting data skilled professionals to appropriate jobs. Through our networks, we bridge the data skills gap by providing a pathway to employment.

We employ a 5Cs model in our approach to community building, which emphasizes the following: community, context, competition, certifications, and champions.

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