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Current Projects Include:

Project: Launch Workshop Facilitation
Client: Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
Key Objective:  To develop and lead a series of workshops for nonprofit organizations in "Modern Data Wrangling" and "Collaborative Data Science", teaching topics as diverse as data quality, ETL pipelines, cloud shared environments, and machine learning

Project: Data Governance Accelerator Facilitation

Client: Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
Key Objective:  To guide and support a small group of nonprofits across a 16 month program to develop and implement their respective data governance strategies through workshops and customized technical assistance
Vertical Slice Program
Fundación Capital
Key Objective: To pilot the organization's Data Governance Strategy through a series of activities

Project: Aprendo Data (follow up to the USAID-funded program) 
Client: National Service of Training and Employment (SENCE) / Government of Chile 
Key Objective: To train Venezuelan migrant women living in Chile on data visualization as part of an education-to-employment program

Project: Data Reporting Tool Development
Client: Bizzel Group (funded through US DOL)
Key Objective: To develop data reporting instruments for both US government and grantees 


PJMF Launch Workhop

Past Projects Include:

Project Name: Use of Business Intelligence for Informal Workers

Client: (a collaboration between The Rockefeller Foundation and MasterCard's Center for Inclusive Growth)

“Use of Business Intelligence for Informal Workers” is one of just eight winning ideas out of over 1200 submissions to the Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge. 

An estimated 90% of workers in Mozambique are within the informal labor market, providing them little to no safety nets, financial security, or career potential. 

Data Elevates and its partners, Fundacion Capital and UX IT, are planning to address this issue through the launch of D4WN (Data for Workforce Nurturing.) D4WN is a job market coordination and support service platform for informal workers in Mozambique that generates and utilizes real-time, data-driven insights from the informal labor market. There are over 30,000 D4WN users in Mozambique. In this project, Data Elevates leads the data analytics approach and implementation.

Anticipated Impact:
To improve employability and career opportunities for informal workers across Mozambique. screenshot.png

Project Name: Aprendo Data

USAID and the Inter-American Development Bank (through the BetterTogether Challenge run by Resonance)


As of 2020, more than 500,000 Venezuelans migrated to Chile. They now represent more than 30% of Chile’s total immigrant population. Many Venezuelan migrants are highly educated, having been employed in stable, formal sector jobs in their home country. However, upon arriving in Chile, Venezuelans often face a lack of decent employment opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated challenges for migrants seeking to join the labor market, putting Venezuelans in a vulnerable situation. In particular, Venezuelan women migrants are facing large gender disparities in the Chilean tech and data industries. Many of them resort to employment in service and retail positions offering lower pay, less job security and fewer advancement opportunities. 

To tackle this issue, the "Aprendo Data" initiative, introduces women migrants to 21st century job skills and viable opportunities in data science and information technology. This project, run by Data Elevates and its key partner CDI Chile, addresses an immediate need for skills development. The approach helps to close the gender gap in the tech industry when opportunities in the tourism, service and retail sectors are drying up. Data Elevates leads on the development and training of Venezuelan migrants on data skills in this project.

Trained 187 Venezuelan migrants in Chile (90% of which were women) on data literacy and data visualization. The course had a 96% approval rating among participants. Based on our post-course evaluations, we estimate the average participant increased his/her salary by 20%, with 86% attaining a job or internship. (The program is continuing through local funding.)

impacta data.jpg

Sample Cohort of Aprendo Data Participants

Project Name: LRFS Mapping and Reporting Tool Development

Client: Colorado State University (funded through USDA)

Results:  Collaborated with US food systems leaders to develop the Food & Agriculture Mapper & Explorer (FAME) visualization for local food systems stakeholders to improve their analyses and decision making. Utilized 250+ community wellness and food systems datasets through a variety of sources to develop the product, made publicly available at

FAME screenshot.jpg
FAME screenshot2.jpg

Sample Pages from the Food & Agriculture Mapper & Explorer dashboard

Project Name: Data Visualization Training Courses

Client: USAID / Regional Development Mission Asia (RDMA)
Results:  Trained Asia Region USAID personnel on data visualizations through a series of virtual, full-day worshops.  

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